Vote No on Proposition CC on Your November 5 Ballot

TABOR was passed by tax-paying voters in 1992 and became part of the Colorado Constitution.  Its’ purpose is simple in that before lawmakers can raise your taxes, you get to vote yes or no, although spending increase by the inflation rate + population growth.  Any extra revenue collected beyond that should be refunded to taxpayers.  

If Proposition CC passes, you lose the right to vote on tax increases and lose any refunds due you.  Not just for a year or two but permanently.

TABOR keeps government honest and forces it to prioritize the budget and spending.

Don’t lose your rights and refunds!  

The TABOR Foundation & TABOR Committee urge you to Vote NO on Proposition CC

2 thoughts on “Vote No on Proposition CC on Your November 5 Ballot

  1. Passage will eliminate the senior tax credit we get from property taxes. Plus, will add 25% to existing property tax bill.
    This is a hidden issue.

    So vote no on this, pls

  2. The Gallagher Amendment is hurting small business. 29 percent commercial property tax is too large of a burden for small business to bear. Large Developers are given special variance and access to loop holes. The Conservatives, the Liberals the Republicans and the Democrats must work together to come up with a proposal to the property tax laws that are fair to everyone. We cannot tear down every old commercial building in the state and turn them over to the big Developers. Everyone’s concerns must be heard, from all sides. The great minds of our state must come together and get a solution on the ballot.

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