Apr 30

Colorado’s Taxpayer Bill of Rights Should Be a Model for the Nation

Colorado’s Taxpayer Bill of Rights Should Be a Model for the Nation

Requiring voters’ consent to increase taxes or debt is a very effective check on the expansion of government.

If you want proof for that assertion, check out states such as IllinoisCalifornia, and New Jersey. They all have provisions to limit red ink, yet there is more spending (and more debt) every year. There are also anti-deficit rules in nations such as GreeceFrance, and Italy, and those countries are not exactly paragons of fiscal discipline.

The real gold standard for good fiscal policy is my Golden Rule. And the best way to make sure government doesn’t grow faster than the private sector is to have a constitutional rule limiting the growth of government.

That’s why I’m a big fan of the “debt brake” in Switzerland’s constitution and Article 107 in Hong Kong’s constitution.

And it’s also why the 49 other states, assuming they want an effective fiscal rule, should look at Colorado’s Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR) as a role model.

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Apr 26

Hospital Provider Fee Lawsuit Appeal Update

This filing does not contain the substance of our argument and is administrative in nature.
Don’t be intimidated that the first document is 55 pages long – it contains as an appendix the entire Order issued by the lower court which makes up the overwhelming volume of this Notice.

The Defendants also filed an appeal of Judge Buchanan’s ruling that our team has standing.
Wrong-headed, to be sure, but expected.
That filing is also attached here and also only an administrative step.

There has to be an exchange of documents before the attorneys will be informed of a schedule to submit arguments to the Court of Appeals.

That could take another seven weeks

All of this is public information but we wanted our TABOR supporters to be updated.



Click here to see the Hospital Provider Fee Notice of Appeal

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