TABOR Input Needed

by KREX News Room by Danielle Kreutter

Story Updated: Dec 6, 2012 at 10:19 PM MST

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. – The city of Grand Junction has teamed up with the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce and the Grand Junction Economic Partnership to hold an open house to gather feedback on the next TABOR decision.

As the previous Taxpayer Bill of Rights cycle comes to an end, officials are hoping to be proactive.

“We think right now we can do debt services of about $2.4 million and so we’re trying to identify a project if there is excess TABOR funds that come up in 2015,” said Jim Doody of the Grand Junction City Council.

They are asking voters if they were to exceed the TABOR limits set for sales tax revenue, would the voters prefer the extra funds be given back to them, or if they would like to see it invested back into the community.

Three projects were presented at the open house including one asking to build two new fire stations and relocate two others, which officials say would bring many benefits.

“A greater coverage area and [it will[ meet some national response time standards for a greater population base,” said Fire Cheif Ken Watkins.

Watkins says the project would also even out the workflow of the stations, making them more efficient.

Developing Las Colonias and Matchett parks is another potential project which would be used by the whole community.

“Both parks will see a different type of use, whereby Las Colonias would be mroe of a passive type development for biking, picnics, concerts and things like that. Matchett Park could be more of an active park much like you see in Canyon View,” said Rob Shoeber of Grand Junction Parks and Recreation.

Allocating TABOR funds to transportation projects like finishing the 29 Road beltway is another option.

“The benefits that the community would see would probably be reduced travel times long term through less congestion and so forth … safety would definitely improve,” said Trent Prall, Engineering Manager for the city of Grand Junction.

City officials also say they’ll gladly accept feedback for any other project the community suggests, or if they would like to see the refund option instead.

Comments will be collected until December 21 through the Grand Junction city website:

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