Letter: ‘The rest simply pay for it’

My wife and I have lived in Pueblo West for nearly seven years.

We bought property and built a new home here because of the rural feel, the privacy, the huge vistas and to escape the many downfalls of the city of Pueblo.

Not the least of which was the ceaseless badgering by city council and other government entities for more money for pet projects.

Ballot tax initiatives were repeated ad nauseum due to a refusal to take no for an answer. We grew weary of the arrogance associated with that mindset and having to repeatedly fend off the never ending assaults on our wallets.

Recently, we have witnessed an increase in efforts of this ilk here in Pueblo West.

Efforts that invariably involve the wants and desires of those that have moved here knowing that the amenities they desire are not offered here.

They preface their pleas by saying that what they want will benefit the entire community.

This is rarely the case.

One such plan is the 3 for 3 ballot initiative asking for a property tax increase to fund three new parks.

Those that frequent the parks would benefit.

The rest simply pay for it.

Most residents purchased their Pueblo West property because they liked it the way it is and would not enjoy having a public park in their backyard.

We say they shouldn’t have to pay to put one there.

The latest must have was floated in a letter published in the Aug. 11 edition of the Pueblo West View.

The author stated that a new pool is urgently needed because his child was denied admittance to the existing pool due to capacity limits.

Again, a project that will benefit those that use the pool.

The rest simply pay for it.

The author touted that a voter approved TABOR timeout to pay for the pool would not result in any tax increase.

We believe that if a TABOR timeout is necessary, we would be better served if the revenues were used for roads, public safety or some other actual need that would truly benefit the entire community.

Such as when voters approved the TABOR timeout for the McCulloch road improvement project.

Pueblo West residents subsidize the Desert Hawk Golf Course through district supplied free water and county debt forgiveness.

Course users and property owners bordering the course benefit.

The rest simply pay for it.

Many residents are retired and face huge tax increases if the socialized health care amendment 69 passes.

This furtherance of the already failed Obamacare boondoggle will take another ten percent from retirees and further limit health care choices.

We say we can’t afford one more nickel and dime idea eroding our hard earned nest eggs.

District prioritization prior to further approvals is needed.

We moved to Pueblo West because of the way it is and we like it.

For those that don’t, the city of Pueblo has parks and pools and crowded subdivisions waiting for willing tax payers.

James and Kathleen Richardson

Pueblo West


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