Colorado House passes plan asking voters to give up their TABOR-driven taxpayer refunds

Editor’s note: Don’t just vote NO but vote HELL NO on this….

Colorado House passes plan asking voters to give up their TABOR-driven taxpayer refunds

Colorado House votes on TABOR referendum bill
The Colorado House on Tuesday passed two bills that would ask voters if the state could keep their taxpayer refunds provided by the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR), sending the bills to the Senate for consideration.

House Bill 1257 is a referendum asking voters to allow the state to keep and spend excess revenues that would otherwise be refunded to taxpayers. If approved, the referendum would be on the November ballot.

House Bill 1258 specifies that the excess revenue go toward higher education, public schools, and transportation if the referendum is passed by voters.

A fiscal note for HB 1257 says the legislation would increase the state’s revenue by $3 million a year, money that would be refunded to taxpayers without the change.

TABOR requires voter approval to raise taxes, and requires refunds of excess revenues to taxpayers.

Colorado voters approved a plan to let the state keep refunds in 2005, which lasted five years. Recently though, voters have rejected attempts to raise taxes to fund transportation and education.

Republicans and fiscal conservatives point to Coloradans’ recent votes on tax hikes as an argument against the proposal.

“Our state budget is going up by $1 billion again this year, but that’s not enough for some legislators,” Colorado Rising executive director Michael Fields said in a statement. “The reason the last 6 statewide tax hikes were defeated is because voters want the legislature to prioritize the existing budget. Taking away our TABOR refunds is not the solution – and we believe voters will reject this approach at the ballot in November.”

The Senate has until May 3, when the current legislative session ends, to pass the legislation.

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