This is now the best state for job seekers

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Colorado makes #1 on another list as best state to find a job. Our state’s economy is so strong thanks in large part to the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (#TABOR) which Democrats are working to dismantle.

This is now the best state for job seekers

By Jade Scipioni

But according to a new study, that’s not really the case.

Personal finance website found that some states are actually flourishing more than others when it comes to job creation.

According to the study, Colorado’s unemployment rates have stayed comparatively low over the past decade while its employment growth has increase by 17.2 percent during that same period.

What’s more, its five-year employment growth has ballooned to 15.6 percent while its unemployment rate continues to fall below the national average at 3.6 percent.

The most popular jobs offered in Colorado include office and administration support and sales.

However, Colorado isn’t the only state experiencing above average employment growth over the years.  New Hampshire, Utah and Minnesota have also seen its employment rates increase over the last decade.

Alternatively, some states have seen slower growth over that same period. West Virigina, Alaska and New Mexico are among the worst states for job seekers.

The best and worst states to find a job

Best States

1. Colorado

2. New Hampshire

3. Utah

4. Minnesota

5. Idaho

6. Massachusetts

7. Texas

8. North Carolina

9. California

10. Georgia

Worst States

1. West Virginia

2. Alaska

3. New Mexico

4. Wyoming

5. Louisiana

6. Mississippi

7. Nevado

8. Arkansas

9. Kentucky

10. Alabama


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