TABOR has marvelous ideas

TABOR has marvelous ideas

Once again, TABOR is under assault by those who only see taxpayers as an unlimited ATM (Gazette, Feb. 28, Section A, Local & State, “Town hall on budget mess cast blame on TABOR”).

Quoting from the article, “TABOR caps government revenue collections based on inflation and population growth, sets state’s tax structure and restricts government spending.” What a marvelous idea! Michael Merrifield (D, House District 18) laments that legislators “get permission from the voters to raise taxes.” Another marvelous idea.

The federal government under the current administration has expanded the U.S. debt to $17 trillion or about $50,000 per person. Considering that 47 percent of the population pays no federal taxes, we taxpayers are on the hook for much more. TABOR has kept the Colorado legislators from going on perpetual spending sprees and concomitant tax increases.

We also need TABOR legislation for the U.S. Congress.

Denny Modlin

Colorado Springs…/…/1571257

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