Why TABOR Matters On February 28

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3 thoughts on “Why TABOR Matters On February 28

  1. I oppose HB19-1257 on the grounds that it was an issue put before the people, the people approved it and only the people have the right to change it, not those in the legislature that want “Democracy” where each person’s vote counts. You can’t have it both ways!

  2. This legislature is determined to ram through legislation, changing either what has been or should be decided by a general vote of the people, such as discarding the electoral college, which worked for 240 years, until Hillary was not elected, in lieu of a popular vote, and restricting energy development, a crucial segment of Colorado’s (and the country’s) economic health and independence. Now, they are trying to eliminate the TABOR AMENDMENT, so they can have more money for social welfare programs. Please vote NO on HB19-1257.

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