2 thoughts on “Vote YES on 300 in Littleton

  1. I support all you are doing. A handful of years ago, a corporation convinced the city of Sheridan to condemn a storage lot among other business so it could build the ‘Riverfront’, Target ect. the owner spent lots of money fighting it, I spoke at a hearing to no avail. Shortly the swat team of Sheridan came and raided the lot chaining the gates and setting up a command post for people to begin removing property.

  2. I’m pretty sure I’m going to vote for 2A, but I have to tell you that linking it to Tabor is the first thing I’ve come across that makes me reconsider my vote. On the local level with what’s happening in Littleton, one community, 2A is something I support in a place that’s “built out” already, and the projects that are ongoing are an impediment to quality of life here. On a state wide level, in a state where we have one of the highest growth rates in the nation, it has proven itself to be a hindrance over time, and will be even more so going forward. I hate to see this initiative (2A) get politicized this way.

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