Taxation Without Representation

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Introduced earlier this week was the following, Colorado House Bill HB 13-1272: RTD & SCFD Sales & Use Tax Base Same As State. This tax increase without voter approval likely got lost in all of the Colorado anti-gun legislation that had moved to the front of the news cycle.

The proposed legislation is set to add more tax revenue to the Regional Transportation District (RTD) here in Denver as well as the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD). The bill is sponsored in the Colorado House by House Majority Leader Dickey Lee Hullinghorst. In the Colorado Senate the sponsor is Pat Steadman of Colorado Senate District 31.

The description of the bill is as follows:

Currently, some items that are exempt from the state sales and use tax are subject to the scientific and cultural facilities’ (SCFD) and regional transportation district’s (RTD) sales and use tax, and vice versa. For example, RTD and SCFD may tax the sales of low emitting motor vehicles, but the state may not. The state may tax the sale of candy and soft drinks, but RTD and SCFD may not.

The bill changes RTD and SCFD’s sales and use tax bases to be the same as the state’s sales and use tax base by eliminating some of the districts’ exemptions and creating other new exemptions for them.

In Colorado, we have the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR), so any tax increase in the state must be approved by voters before implementation. Approved in 1992 the constitutional amendment is designed to restrain growth in the Colorado State government. TABOR applies to all levels of government in Colorado including, state government, cities, counties, school districts and special districts. The legislation is the most restrictive tax and spending limitation in the country.

Currently the bill was introduced in the Colorado House on 03/20/2013, and has been assigned to the Finance committee. From the good folks at the Independence Institute they have let us know of the following details regarding the bill:

HB 1272 is scheduled to be heard by the House Finance Committee this Wednesday, March 27 at 1:30 pm. The hearing will be held in the Legislative Service Building – Room A, this is the building to the south of the Capitol across 14th Ave. Your voice is needed to testify at the Capitol.

Given the current overall economic situation and specifically that here in Colorado, the state legislature’s proposal of an illegal and unconstitutional tax increase on the residents and votes of Colorado needs to be stopped.

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