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  1. I pay Federal and State income tax on all I earn. I pay sales taxes on every penny I spend and pay that to three different sales tax units (City, County, Special)

    In addition i Pay property taxes to seven different taxing authorities (7) each year.

    God !! That’s enough !

    I oppose ANY retention of excess taxes collected. This is another way to keep chipping away at TABOR.

  2. We oppose HB19-1257. We want to preserve our rights as a Coloradan. We have already lost enough of them thru our state.

  3. I am still dismayed at the type of people being elected to represent us. These people will tax us to death (the ones who pay taxes) and then if they can’t get away with anymore tax raises without a vote of the people, they will turn to FEE’s.

  4. Don & Mary Brooks – 3/30/2019 We Oppose HB19-1257
    We the Colorado Tax Payers, are tired of paying EXTRA all the time to support POLITICIANS
    Off The Wall Pet Projects, and taking care of any Person ( Parasite ) that shows up in the state expecting the world on a Silver Platter …..

    • I agree. That is all we are here for. That is how we are treated and they just do anything that they want without our approval and if they can’t get our approval they just go around it or include something in the bill that gets it done anyway.

  5. We oppose HB19-1257 because it underscores our Bill of Rights as Colorado taxpayers. Please vote against this bill. Thank you.

  6. I pay taxes until I am taxed to death. I live on $800/month and you want me to give up any little refund I might have coming to me? No! I oppose HB19-1257 and I want you who are supposed to represent my and people like me as we ask you to, not the way that benefits you and your pocket!! You and earn my vote or you can throw it away, I am watching closely at what happens behind closed doors! Thank you!

  7. I oppose HB19-1257 It is the only law that stops run away taxation and spending… we need to vote these big spenders out and take back our state

  8. Insofar as Senator Don Coram is concerned , can anyone tell me what if anything has he done FOR Colorado and more specifically the Western Slope . I understand he was a strong advocate for legalizing Marijuana in this state , and now he and a couple of his cronies have quite the Marijuana business . Does this sound like “conflict of interest” to anyone ! Also he very quietly and surreptitiously decided the state government will teach your children (grade school thru high school) SEX EDUCATION including abortion , LGBT lifestyles and God only knows what else .
    If Sen Coram had an ounce of decency left he would resign and get the hell out of politics , of course “Magic Mushroom legalization is next on the Liberal agenda perhaps another business opportunity .

  9. I strongly oppose HB19-1257! What is happening to this state? I used to love Colorado but not so much anymore. It’s just so disappointing to see what’s happening these days here.

  10. I oppose HB19-1257. Enough is enough! Property owners are already supporting the many! The schools/ teachers and their political views are brainwashing young voters and homeowners are flipping the bill! I have also been taxed more then enough.

  11. I strongly oppose HB19-1257 and support TABOR. Taxed to death and sick of it. Turning into California very quickly. TABOR is the only protection taxpayers have.

  12. My wife and I strongly oppose HB19-1257 and we want our State Senator Faith Winter to hear us and vote what the people she represents want.

  13. I strongly support Tabor and oppose HB19-1257. I am concerned that there are many tax payers who do not know the meaning of TABOR and have not lived in Colorado long enough to know what TABOR means to taxpayers.

  14. Defeat HB19-1257!!
    Kevin Priola, you were elected to defend us as taxpayers. You were not voted in to sabotage our TABOR.

    ps: made a ton shorting Tesla this year. Thanks for the tip!

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