Letter to the Editor: Taxes, taxes, taxes

Letter to the Editor:

Do the residents of Colorado work for the state government or does that government work for the citizen?

 If citizens work for the government, then government can charge the citizen any tax it wants to impose without restraint.

If the government works for the citizen, why can’t citizens decide what services they want to pay for?

TABOR is a law that limits the amount of taxes citizens are required to pay and in some cases requires the return of “surpluses” to the tax payer.

In effect, those who want to raise taxes must convince tax payers the added taxes are actually required.

Why is that bad?

Democrats in Denver want to reverse TABOR, as if it didn’t exist, and use the “surplus” for their purposes.

I think that if Democrats want to direct such “surplus” toward something other than what the law directs, they can set up a fund to allow those individuals who are so inclined to direct their “surplus” into that fund.

Thus the tax payer can determine if they get to spend or save their money instead of someone else spending it.

A note to Mike Littwin: check out Proposition 13 passed in California in 1978.

While not exactly like TABOR, Prop 13 limits raising property taxes thus protecting tax payers from unrestrained tax increases.

Steven P. Melcher

Pueblo West

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