Appellate briefs started in Donor Disclosure

TABOR Supporters,

The “Donor Disclosure” lawsuit is about the City of Denver’s ordinance to cause any organization to become an issue committee for speaking out about a Denver ballot measure.  Our two organizations (TABOR Committee and the CUT Foundation) are the plaintiffs.  We are represented by the Goldwater Institute.  We lost on the issue of standing in District Court on February 5, 2019.  Our attorneys have met the deadlines for an appeal.

This message is to let you know of progress made. Our brief was submitted timely on July 12th.  The Defendant (City of Denver) has until August 16 to file its opening brief.  The step after that will be our Reply brief, which will be due September 16.

Plaintiffs’ Opening Brief_7.12.19 on Scribd

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