1. Does it make sense to vote to give up your right to vote, FOREVER?
  1. Is it right to vote away other people’s right to vote?
  1. Government spending is either limited or unlimited. Which do you want?
  1. The Founding Fathers risked everything for “posterity.” That’s us. Should we surrender the rights of our children and grandchildren…our posterity?
  1. If you don’t want your state tax refund, tear up your state refund check, butdon’t deny state tax refunds to millions of families who want or need it.
  1. Make politicians live on a balanced budget, not a blank check.
  1. America was founded on “the consent of the governed,” a very good idea.
  1. If spending grows without limit in good times, cuts hurt more in bad times.
  1. Politicians can change current spending promises in 2020. It’s called lying.
  1. State spending grows automatically by inflation plus population; we are voting only on the surplus. No ordinary law can change the constitution.
  1. Total state spending is over $40.9 BILLION yearly; it has zoomed from $9 BILLION in 1994 (6.5% yearly). With 5.5 million people, it now exceeds $7,500 EACH ($30,000 for an average family of four). Isn’t that enough?
  1. In 2005, they tricked us into a 5-year state spending “time out.” 14 years later, they still steal our refunds. Our loss now exceeds $2 billion yearly.
  1. Colorado has the best economy of any state, per a national survey. Don’t ruin our prosperity by allowing this BIG tax hike!
  1. The ballot title says, “Without raising taxes,” another lie. If you lose your tax refund, you pay higher total taxes than if you get your tax refund.

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