Town of Estes Park loses its case to reclaim legal fees in TABOR lawsuit

Larimer County District Court Judge Juan Villaseñor rejected the Town of Estes Park’s claim it was due to be repaid legal fees for a failed case brought against the town by three residents. The ruling came down on Friday, June 11.

Todd A. Jirsa, William G. Van Horn and Richard K. Grigsby filed suit against the Town of Estes Park on December 3, 2020, claiming the Town “violated (and is continuing to violate) the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights” also known as TABOR.”

The suit — which was dismissed on April 1 — alleged that the town violated TABOR after it spent millions of dollars in taxpayer money on the Downtown Estes Loop Project without ever holding a public vote.

A judge found that not to be the case, ruling none of the funds spent by the town on the Loop were taxpayer’s dollars, meaning there could be no violation of TABOR

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