One thought on “The government has no money of its own. All the money it has to spend on things, it first has to take from YOU!

  1. Taxes are not a bad thing and are necessary to maintain a healthy society.

    We are the government. The people. We pay taxes to live in a civilized, advanced community. As long as our tax dollars are used for support of citizens, we get that money back in the form of that support. We can do more for each other and our communities collectively with tax dollars than we often can do with our money alone. Collectively (I know that’s a bad word for some, but it still works) we fund police and fire protection, schools, municipal water and other services, libraries, zoos, arts programs, city/state/federal assistance programs, and on and on. If each of us had to buy those services for ourselves and our families, we would soon discover that alone I/we/you couldn’t cover the cost. We have those things because we invest in our state, local and federal governments in the form of taxes and get the investment back in those services. It is when the government is headed by those who funnel money off for themselves that we lose, but there are ways to correct those corruption problems (elections).

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