Survey: More than half don’t understand TABOR

Survey: More than half don’t understand TABOR

And at the GOP event, some criticize media, Chieftain

by sarah grasmick the pueblo chieftain
Published: April 24, 2016;

Approximately two-thirds of Coloradans don’t understand what the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights is, according to the Colorado Fiscal Institute.

“When you actually look into the surveys and ask them what TABOR does, a handful of people who said, ‘I know what TABOR is’ thought it was a shopping mall in Denver. If they do know what it is, they only know one facet of TABOR, and that is that I have the right to vote on my own taxes. Elected officials can’t raise my taxes .?.?. without my vote,” said economist Chris Stiffler Saturday at a town hall meeting hosted by state Rep. Daneya Esgar and state Sen. Leroy Garcia, both Pueblo Democrats.

TABOR also limits how everything is taxed.

“In Colorado, we have a flat income tax rate — I pay 4.63 percent, you pay 4.63 percent, Peyton Manning pays 4.63 percent. Most states have a tiered system that grabs a little more income for higher-income earners,” Stiffler said.
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