Lesley Smith and Laurie Albright: Sign a petition to de-fang TABOR

Yup, spend more.
That’s the blueprint for fixing everything.
According to them, more money will solve public education.
Obama’s $870 Billion dollar Stimulus failed because it was too little.
They wanted to spend more, more, more.
Then you looked at the results.
No improvement at all.
But we’re deeper in debt and they are none the wiser.
Thank God for TABOR!
The Colorado economy is booming now compared to during the recent recession, but because of a 26-year-old tax policy embedded in the Colorado Constitution (informally called the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, or “TABOR”), Colorado cannot invest all of its tax revenue to make up for cuts made during those harder economic times. Instead, the amendment says that all revenue collected above an out-of-date cap must be refunded to Colorado taxpayers. Each taxpayer received a refund of $13 to $41 this year, while our state continued to cut funds for basic infrastructure and services.

Fortunately, there is a way out of this quagmire. A group called Colorado Priorities is collecting 150,000 signatures (to ensure 98,000 valid signatures) to place a citizens’ initiative on the November ballot. This measure would allow the state to keep the revenue it collects above the cap and allocate the funds to education (both pre-K-12 and higher education), transportation, mental health and senior services.

What can you do to help? Please find a petition and sign it. More information about the initiative as well as opportunities to sign can be found at greatedaction.org.

It takes a minute to sign. You have the opportunity now to help relax the TABOR cap so that Colorado can invest in its priorities.


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