Election Spending Non-Profits Donor Disclosure Lawsuit

To the supporters of the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights:

Your TABOR Committee today filed a new lawsuit to put a stop to an ordinance passed by the City of Denver.  The new City law would force us to disclose all our donors in order to lend our voice in a debate and campaign about any City ballot issue.

Some of our members want to keep their professional, business and personal lives separate from their participation in public policy.  Some fear damage to their businesses or other retaliation if their donations to our non-profit advocacy group become public.

Our Board commits to keep our donor list private, which is a common and expected practice for almost all non-profits.  We intend to hold to that promise.

The issue pertains only to ballot issues.  It does not involve candidate campaigns for elected office.  We would hope citizens would decide on the substance of an issue, weighing the facts and opinions.


The new law is a direct violation of the free speech clauses of both the US constitution and a the Colorado constitution.  Once this law goes into effect next month, the TABOR Committee would be forced by the City government to make a choice between two unacceptable actions:  we either would have to violate our oath to our donors in order to participate, or we would have to self-censure and be forced into silence.


We are joining the Colorado Union of Taxpayers Foundation as plaintiffs and we are represented by the attorneys at the Goldwater Institute.


The link to the full press release is http://goldwaterinstitute.org/article/denver-demands-disclosure-of-donors/


Penn R. Pfiffner


Taxpayer groups file suit against Denver to prevent disclosure of nonprofits’ donors in election spending