Douglas Bruce’s response to “School superintendents join forces in funding rally at Colorado Capitol “

To Gazette reporter Debbie Kelley,

I read today’s propaganda piece for the government school Establishment’s demonstration at the Capitol. You should charge them a commission for being their loyal press agent.

Why don’t you report–

1) the actual salaries of the superintendents bleating for more money?

2) less than half of all government school employees are teachers?

3) the TOTAL spending per student in Colorado (TOTAL spending, including debt payments, buses, meals, sports, etc. divided by total average daily enrollment of full time students)?

4) they promised voters in 2000 Amendment 23 would solve their alleged problem?
5) spending per pupil went up by CPI plus 1% for 10 years after that, and by CPI ever since?

6) Amendment 23 allowed other changes in spending like district size (“negative factor”), a
legislative response allowed by the supreme court?

7) there is no objective proof that spending more money achieves better academic results?

8) total spending in 2000 and total spending this year (there were no cuts)?

9) whether the protesters will collect their obscene salaries while lobbying at the Capitol?

10) whether they will bill for mileage and lodging for their theatrics?

11) what dollar amount they claim is “full funding” and how that was computed?

12) the percentage of the general fund state budget spent on K-12 government schools now?

13) why they resist true parental choice in education while complaining they lack enough money to do a good job? (i.e. why they use children as hostages to get bigger pay raises).

Douglas Bruce

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