Collection and Usage of the FASTER Motor Vehicle Fees Audit

Colorado Senate Bill 09-108, known as FASTER (Funding Advancements for Surface Transportation and Economic Recovery Act of 2009) has collected $1.4 Billion in “fees” over six years.  The most recent State Auditors report found:

  • Deficiencies in half of their processes for collecting the “fees.”
  • CDOT (Colorado Department Of Transportation) also needs to improve its oversight and management. 
  • CDOT, Colorado Dept of Revenue, and Colorado Judicial all agreed with the recommendations presented.

More money + bigger government control = major problems.

The TABOR Foundation replied, “we told you so.”

It’s your taxes, oops we mean “fees,” that the government collects to fix Colorado’s roads and bridges.

Are they better now?

The quick summary is located on page 7 and shown below.

Read the audit report to decide for yourself.$FILE/1410P%20Collection%20and%20Usage%20of%20the%20FASTER%20Motor%20Vehicle%20Fees,%20Performance%20Audit,%20August%202015.pdf

FASTER Bill Deficiencies1 FASTER Bill Deficiencies2

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